About this blog

This blog holds significant value in my life. My passion for writing emerged during my high school years. For me, writing is a form of self-expression that doesn't seek validation or approval from others.

I recognize that not everything shared on this blog will resonate with everyone. It's a space for me to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, and other matters that I deem important or that may assist others on their life's path.

A little about me

I feel privileged to have been born and spent most of my life in the stunning, sun-drenched islands of Fiji. These enchanting islands have imparted some of life's most important lessons and fueled my passion and drive to achieve significant accomplishments.

Throughout my life, I have established and managed IT businesses in Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand, driven by my love for technology and a personal commitment to enhancing its accessibility and innovation.

In 2021, I settled in New Zealand, which has become my permanent home. The welcoming people, rich culture, and, most importantly, the sense of safety and freedom of expression are among the many aspects that endear me to this tranquil nation.